Looking for a fun DIY project for the weekend? Today we will share some fun and festive felt garlands that are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. You can even swap colors to match your party decor, or keep them like wreaths every day! How to make yourself…


Supplies: colored felt, twine or twine, cloth scissors and hot glue.

Shades of green bunting: Cut four-inch strips of felt into shades of green. Cut out a small triangular shape from the bottom of each strip. Place two hot glue points on the back of each strip and gently press a piece of twine against the glue.

Rainbow wreath: Cut three inches of rainbow-colored felt strips. List all the stripes in the order you want and separate them into pairs. Cut each pair on a trapezoid so that the corners are cut at an angle to reflect each other. Add hot glue to the back of each piece and attach twine or twine.

Shamrock Flags: Cut three-inch rectangles out of felt. Cut the corner of one of the sides to create the point. Cut out flame shapes from different shades of green felt (we drew a chain on the cardboard and cut it out into our template). Secure the flames to each flag with hot glue and attach it to the twine with additional glue on each back.

Pick up the garlands and enjoy!

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