April showers really! Hopefully this gloomy time will bring those May flowers. In the meantime, we’ve made a rainy day (literally!) That the kids will love. This Rain Cloud craft is easy to put together and cute enough to hang somewhere in your house, outside the side of the fridge! View …


Supplies: blue cardboard or scrapbook paper, scissors, glue, mini white pom pom, ribbon and blue embroidery silk.


1. Cut a cloud shape out of a large piece of cardboard. Use the debris pieces to cut out raindrop shapes (we cut out 18).
2. Cover part of the cloud with glue and arrange the pom poms, filling each space and adding glue as needed. Continue in stages until the cloud covers.
3. Cut off different lengths of blue embroidery silk. Glue two raindrops together with the middle string.
4. When all the glue has dried, glue the strings to the back of the cloud.





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