DIY star headbands

DIY star headbands

It’s not Christmas yet, but we’re so excited before New Year’s Eve! To celebrate, we created these glittery headbands that we can wear while watching the ball fall. How to make yourself…


Supplies: plastic headbands, wire, scissors, glitter paper and hot glue.


1. Cut star shapes of different sizes from glitter paper.
2. Cut a long wire and wrap its end in a flat roll (this will provide more surface area for hot glue to stick).
3. Attach a star to the roll with hot glue. Repeat until all the stars are glued to pieces of wire.
4. Wrap the other end of the cord to the headband until the star is at the desired height.
5. Repeat with the other stars until the headband is full.
6. Wear and enjoy!



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