Have you ever seen snow? We’re supposed to be here for a bit on Saturday (the first ice of the year!), And we’re really excited! In preparation, we will share a month of crafts, we hope you will love it. This snowflake string drawing requires just a few props and a little patience, and the end result is very cute.


You will need: round wooden boards (ours are from AC Moore), a stain (optional), nails, a hammer and some embroidery silk.


1. Stain the wooden wheels. This is optional, but we love the look of the dark spot versus the light string!
2. Nail a snowflake pattern to the tree. Start in the middle and move on until you get the design you like. You can also print snowflake patterns on paper and place them on top of the tree to make a drawing. Add your nails and tear the paper when done!
3. Tie a piece of embroidery silk to one of the nails. Gently weave the string around the nails to create a snowflake shape. It takes some trial and error, but once you realize it, it’s so satisfying!
4. Untie the end of the string and cut off the excess.

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