Happy Monday! Here’s a fun DIY to start the week with. Our matte mats have always been such hits, so we thought we’d make a Valentine’s Day version! How to make yourself…


– Matt glass paint (unfortunately, this exact paint has disappeared, but we found similar results if we used this glossy paint instead.)
– Foam ejectors
– Paint tape
– A heart sticker
– Rubbing alcohol + paper towels for cleaning

The above supplies include associated links. I get a commission on my purchase, but the price stays the same for you!


1. Clean the glasses with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel. Allow to dry.
2. To create the glass on the right, cut the heart of the sticker sheet, then remove and discard the sticker. This creates a template that you can place on the glass to paint on the heart-shaped part.
3. To create the cup on the left, use the ribbon to draw a clean line around the cup. Line up heart stickers under the ribbon (you can use the ones you set aside from the other cup).
4. Squeeze all air bubbles and stickers with your fingernail for clean edges.
5. Dip the foam ejector in the paint and start painting by moving up and down.
6. Allow to dry for two hours, then apply a second coat (if necessary) to even out the paint.
7. Allow to dry for another two hours and carefully remove the tape and stickers.
8. Follow the instructions on Martha Stewart’s craft website to set up the paint (we air treat for 21 days, but we can also bake it in the oven).

Don’t they look good with milk? These make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a sweetheart. And the little ones will love to see their favorite drinks in their hearts!


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